Ain't he cute?

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Here he is at about 12 years old in front of his house in Calvert County.
The neighborhood has grown up all around (there's two houses now in the lots behind him and the road is blacktopped instead of the oil/rock kind.)


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Back Row L to R:  Manager Bob Doucette, Michael Kent, George Duffy, Ricky Weber, Jimmy Damalougi, Richard Brooks, Donald Stewart, David Trott, Coach Gordon Wright
Front Row L to R:  Joe Jones, Terry Brooks, Freddie Travers, Michael Wright, Greg Smith, John Cranford, Tommy Simms, Coach Raymond Trott


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A close up.  He's the third ballplayer from the left on the bottom row.



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Here we have a picture of Lieutenant Travers at Station 29, Jessup, just around the time Jenni was born ('84).
Notice all the hair :-).


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And here's two pics circa 2000.  The above is with then Division Chief Gary Sheckells.
And below at his desk in his office at Station 9, Harwood-Lothian.

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